Tarot readings provide a picture of your future whether it’s short or long term.  By laying out the cards in various spreads, the reader can see a series of events likely to take place in the questioner’s life.

Using different spreads (card layouts) I can predict both events and timescales, such as the next 6 or 12 months ahead.

Predictions for the forthcoming year are given. These may relate to relationships, family, work, health, finances, and travel. Tarot cards predict a wide variety of issues.

To get the best from a reading it is good to ask lots of questions and provide a recent photo.

Tarot readings can bring up past events but primarily focus on your future months or years. There is no need to feel nervous about having a reading as negative aspects always have a positive link. If you feel upset, anxious, or low, this does not mean you will receive negative predictions.

The majority of readings are positive and whilst we all have some difficult times throughout our lives, the cards can assist in dealing with a wide range of challenges, often with pleasing outcomes.

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